The Blue Orchid : NaNoWriMo 2014 part 6

All right… It’s a touch after four thirty PM, I have seven and a half hours to go and four thousand words till I hit fifty thousand.

Do or die time!

I am not going to finish the book in fifty thousand words, which is fine, I can keep working at a less frantic pace for a while until I finish, but I neeeeeeed to hit fifty thousand tonight!

Quick process note: I have abandoned my spreadsheet, I am not sure if that is helping or hindering me right now, but I’m trying to do less obsessive metric monitoring and more writing.

Now I’m off to write all the words. Wish me luck, see you on the other side!


  1. willrobot says:

    6:00 and 2900 words to go, quick break to let my brain catch up.

  2. willrobot says:

    8:00, 1879 words left, not bad at all!

  3. willrobot says:

    8:50, 918 words remaining… I got this.

  4. willrobot says:


  5. UrDad says:

    The Indians attacked, and the cowboy’s guns barked: bang, bang, bang……………….(repeat as needed)…………….Finally, everyone got tired and went home.

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