D&D & Me part 3: A New Campaign

In the midst of the insanity of the oncoming winter and NaNoWriMo and work and life I have begun a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign with the shiny new 5th edition rules (Which I like quite a lot, more on that another time).

I am working on a Wiki that will detail the world as it develops. I’ll link to it next time.

The first two games were very heavily weighted with character creation and development and introduction, but enough actual play occurred to get some very interesting plot rolling. I’m feeling creative in a way that I haven’t felt in a couple of years and that makes me very happy.

The players are an interesting mix. Three of them are from work, a fourth is a friend of theirs who plays board and computer games and wanted to see what this was like, and the fifth is one of the first three players father.

The new player has been giving it a chance but is not terribly into it. I have been trying to keep him engaged but he’s not in love with the format of the game and is likely going to bow out. I suspect he might actually have enjoyed 4th edition more, the plot and character stuff does not seem to interest him as much as tactical combat… which is perfectly fair.

The Father and Son duo are who I want to talk about right now. Both are kind of dream players to have in a sandbox game of this sort. They develop deep backgrounds to their players, are very interested in the world and their place in it, and are just as happy or more interacting with the townspeople as they are bashing goblin heads in.

Also: The father worked for TSR, Pacesetter, and Mayfair games. He wrote and designed for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Chill, Star Ace, Gangbusters, and Marvel Superheroes. He also designed Wabbit Wampage which I used to sell.

He is one of the people responsible for how the hobby I love took shape and has played with many of the greats…

Was I  touch intimidated going into that session? Yes I was.

Did he say that I was a fantastic DM, better than most of the people he used to play with back at TSR? Maaaaaaybe.

Am I feeling kind of badass at the moment? Yes.


  1. Mom says:

    Oh how i love you.

  2. Mom says:

    I am so very happy to read your writing – about just anything at all. I’m reporting here. I did start NaNo on the 1st, with the certain knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to write until later in the month. The first two weeks of the month were full on (as Daniel would say) Lucy sitting as Alwyn’s work schedule heated up. At the same time, major house renovation began, which threw us all off. Then Lucy and Alwyn headed to Australia for ten days, and I’d planned on writing then. Didn’t happen! And why? I can’t even remember now. Some of it was sleeping, I know, and some of it was many many many trips to Home Depot. I think an average of three trips per item. I bought 10 cabinet – this is an example – for my new kitchen, and six of them were wrong. Head scratching also took up a lot of time. Yesterday I began to write! 5000 words a day for the rest of the month. Right? Perhaps not. My phone went peculiar and that took two trips to Verizon. The nearby Starbucks was a good place to write but cold so I came home and then spent the rest of the evening with Alwyn and Lucy and Daniel! It’s addicting. Lucy started walking seriously as we watched. Back and forth, Mama, Aba. Mama suggested a walk to Dada. Lucy said no. Mama, Aba. So up to 3170 words! Then this morning I slept late because no work on my house today, and it’s now almost 2. Now it’s 5200 words a day. I keep writing. You are an inspiration. I love you.

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