D&D and me part 6: My New Dice

Previously I talked about the loss of my special dice and how I had never since had a set that I really cared about.

for all these years my dice have been a semi-disposable tool, a means to an end that I enjoyed but never really connected with. I bought them in bulk and used whatever fell to hand. I didn’t love them.

a couple days ago my holiday present to myself arrived… And I have learned to love again.


After a long search I found these guys at DnD Dice at a very reasonable price. They are a good size, very heavy aluminum, and despite a few nicks and flaws that I forgive utterly, very well machined. The D4 might be one of the deadliest things I own, I dearly hope I never step on it.

My only criticism of these is a personal one rather than a practical one, and again it is utterly forgivable.

On many dice a small dot or underline is used to show the difference between a 6 and a 9. This makes perfect sense of course… Unless it is on a D6… Where it the only way to roll a 9 is to tear reality as we know it asunder and fling your die into some non-euclidean dimension where a solid shape can have a variable number of sides.

Other than that, I love them!


  1. Tree says:

    The D4 is just waiting… patiently… in the dark… and you will never see it coming…

  2. willrobot says:

    You are almost certainly right!

  3. willrobot says:

    For the record after having used these dice in their first game… They are a joy to roll, they feel wonderful.

    And they absolutely brutalized my players with a string of critical hits that left them in a very sorry state.

  4. Replacement Brain says:

    Train into it. Spend 5 minutes every day walking on legos to work up to the D4.

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