Bundle Reviews part 3: Walden through Lenna’s Inception

A quick 3 more items from from  the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality 

Walden, a game, A Mortician’s Tale, and Lenna’s Inception.

Walden, a game: Experience Henry David Thoreau’s life in Walden Woods.

This seemed like a neat idea. Wander around the woods near Walden pond and learn about the story and the time period and what living there must be like…

Not well executed. Terrible movement, nasty low frame rate when it had no excuse to be that low, and uncertain controls made everything a chore. Good idea, but very rough in execution.

A Mortician’s Tale: A story-driven death positive video game where you play as a mortician tasked with running a funeral home.

This is a VERY short game. It takes about an hour. It’s also not much of a game really.

With a very intriguing topic, this one starts off strong, but then immediately becomes extremely repetitive, with what would be game play basically just being a series of tasks you are prompted to do. There is one moment in the entire thing that asks you to make a choice, and the end result is pretty moot.

This is a story with some interactive elements that could have been a very interesting game if developed further. All the elements intrigue, but none is explored much and then suddenly it’s over. It did make me tear up a couple times, but on the whole the rote performance of tasks with no chance to effect the story or fail makes this not a great game to explore some really deep experiences.

Lenna’s Inception: Procedurally generated Gameboy-style action-adventure game

This is a pretty intriguing Zelda-like game of exploration, monster fighting, and saving the world… but with a lot of twists that reward you and tease you for knowing the games it draws inspiration from.

This is a game where I wish the whole procedurally generated thing had been left out and someone had designed interesting levels… but it’s fun, engaging, and a really neat twist on a classic. I’ll be playing a bit more of this one.

So two misses, but a hit in these three.

This whole project is becoming daunting. I looked ahead, intending to just review the interesting looking ones… But they all look so interesting! This might take a while, but I’ll get as deep as my attention span allows!

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