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Happy Trilobite

So a bit ago I bought into the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality for a few bucks, it goes to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split 50/50 and looked like it had some interesting games I would not mind checking out.

Then it was suddenly 1741 games and counting… It is a mix of tabletop games, video games, game creation tools, and who knows what else! For the $10 I gave ($5 minimum) I already have spotted three tabletop games I backed on Kickstarter for between $10 and $40 each. There is a tremendous value in here, but 1741! This is going to be a project to just look through and decide which ones I have time to even look at!

To motivate myself I am going to review them. This might take a while and I am not likely to get to all of them. It’s possible they might add more games faster than I can get through the list! But what the hell, let’s see how many I can do!

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  1. Koji says:

    Freaking amazing! I am looking forward to the reviews. A seriously eclectic group of games.

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