Bundle Reviews part 5: Odd Realm through EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER

So I’m doing four from the from  the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality 

Mostly because I am really excited to play something called EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER!

But before that we have Odd Realm, Night of the Consumers, and Mu Cartographer.

Odd Realm: Guide a group of settlements as they attempt to survive then thrive.

This game clearly has a lot of depth and is very much a game that needs to be learned. It gives you a brief tutorial then leaves you to your own devices, which left me trying desperately trying to command five settlers to harvest a carrot.

I’ll come back to this one later, it reminds me of Civilization but on a more intimate level, and the kind of Edu-RPG game we played in third grade where we settled america. I have remembered that game with fondness despite it clearly being a great example of US colonial based education… but I am in danger of digressing longer than I actually played this game at this time so…


Basically you have to stock the shelves in a grocery/department store. Customers interrupt you with unreasonable demands, and if you don’t cater to them you are fired. You then start over. There seems to be no way to actually quit the game… so it’s basically a pretty accurate simulation. If the controls weren’t so funky the game could be fun.

Mu Cartographer: Experimental Colourful Exploration Machine

This sounds pretty interesting.

Um…I can’t actually tell if this is a game or if it is sort of the digital equivalent of those boards with lots of nobs and buttons you give toddlers.

There is a sort of topographical… map? And some knobs, sliders, and things that alter it so that it looks like a slightly different topographical map.

A couple buttons bring up what seem like a few pages of a journal, but they seem like maybe they are for a game where you actually go some place and do something.

After fiddling with every control, then trying a few again, I accomplished nothing. Apparently if I allow it to it will send something to twitter to tell the world what I have accomplished, but I don’t really feel like I have accomplished a thing I need to broadcast. It is possible I am missing something.

So one possible win, one eh, and one what the hell… which brings us to…


I am promised “A serial visual novel/mech brawler about four gay disasters beating up neonazis in giant robots made of meat. Get ready for the worst road trip of all time.”

My hopes are high, so in I go!

In some ways this is all I hoped, in a few its a bit disappointing. This is very much about the story and characters, and those make me want to fight through to the end. The actual game part is functional, but uninspiring, a bit repetitive, and goes on too long before you get back to the story. It also feels a bit like the narrative choices you make don’t really alter the narrative either. Really I want a comic book or animated movie of this, but not having those, I’ll play through the game to get the story.

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