Some stuff I made Part 2: Clicky Wheel Thing

Another part of a series of things I made and just sort of sat on the pictures and didn’t tell anyone.

Same friend, different burlesque show… She needed one of those wheels you spin and they go ClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClick and stop on a number, so I grabbed a bunch of scrap wood and went to work.

First I set up some sort of clever fencing on the band saw.

The idea was to have a totally controlled space to make cuts where the only measurement was the cut itself… because sometimes measuring things is for suckers.

I tried to cut a circle this way… but the results were terrible so I made a Jig Yo!

And bolted it to the router table. This let me cut out two circles, one smaller than the other, with a perfectly centered hole.

I made a spacer and mounted them on a carriage bolt.

I placed equally spaced wood screws through the smaller one.

The idea is that the little clicky pegs would be inside the wheel and nobody would be in danger of flaying their palm.

A big piece of plywood for a base and a 2×4 as the upright and the wheel spun nicely.


It needed clicks though… so I cut up a broken hacksaw blade and mounted it on a block of wood.


Then I mounted the block on a block…

And fiddled until it was in the right place to go ClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClick

I helpfully marked it since it only really worked well in one direction.

It all fit together well but was a little wobbly, and had no pointer.

I made a spacer with a wheel out of an old photocopy machine to keep the big wheel vertical, and added another spacer with the pointing arrow so we would know what number it landed on.

Then with the cheapest nastiest paints ever I divided the wheel up into sections.

We had no idea what the numbers were actually supposed to represent at this point… so I just took a chunk of the Fibonacci sequence and arranged them in a pleasing order.

I meant to take a final picture of the whole thing all together, but the event was upon us and it had to be loaded up. She had to set up and wrangle the acts and I had a DJ set to finish.

I figured I would get another picture later, but that night was then filled with a great deal of trauma and sparked the beginning of a truly impressive slide into profoundly deep depression… so you will have to imagine it all together. Rest assured that it worked really well! If it ever gets pulled out of whatever shed it currently resides in and it isn’t covered in too many wasps, I may get a picture of it yet.


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