Inktober 2020 Join me!

So that time of year has rolled around again. The time when a lot of people draw a lot… with ink!

A bunch of years ago Inktober was started by This Guy. Then some stuff happened and he’s a little controversial these days (though I really like his art.)

Feel free to do your research and see how you feel about any of that. I personally I’m going to buy a copy of This Guy‘s Book for reasons.

Anyway, as an event and an excuse to draw more it is quite valuable to me, and it’s always more fun to do these things with friends!

The idea is to post a picture a day (more or less) somewhere with the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2020 so other people can see your cool stuff. I’ll be posting here in batches and Instagram as I go.

If you care about rules, the link above will take you to some. My personal version is somewhat simpler:

Draw what you want as long as it’s fun. Ink should be involved?

I made a prompt list if you want to use it. Some of my loved ones aren’t too keen on using the official one for reasons, so I did my own. Feel free to use it or ignore it or whatever… I’m not an ink cop!

Join me if you want! Post your images wherever, use the hashtags, be safe and sane and thrive.

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