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The Blue Orchid : NaNoWriMo 2014 part 3

Monday was disappointing at just shy of 1300 words. My reserve dropped to 35 words but my words per minute stayed about even. In my defense It was an early morning for me and then I spent most of the late afternoon doing laundry. I had gathered a great deal of clothes from every nook and cranny of my place and added in a bunch of stuff that I had in bags and boxes that were getting nasty and musty due to the mold factory I life in. Also I tossed in a bunch of towels and rags and a comforter that had been fouled by cat quite some time ago. At the laundromat I was using seven machines at once which was a little satisfying for some reason.

Today, however I had a great run while hanging out at the rainbow cafe which has a great atmosphere, good coffee, and precious little doughnuts that cost more than one really wants to spend on a doughnut but are entirely delicious. Between that, a few words squeezed out while running around and doing errands, and a nice run tonight I am at 7350 words!

That’s 2315 today for those keeping score (just me? yeah I thought so) which is 138% of my daily goal. I am at 14.7% of the whole book with a 638 word surplus going into tomorrow which is mostly going to be all about Dungeons & Dragons and I’ll be lucky to stay even.

The book now happens at two different times and spans two continents. I keep forgetting my main characters name (and he’s using three aliases at this point which is -not- helping) and have two or three maguffins I am going to have to remember to explain later. Nobody has died so far that didn’t deserve it.

The Blue Orchid : NaNoWriMo 2014 part 2

It turns out that the NaNoWriMo site is doing some of the data crunching my spreadsheet is doing and has a few cool tricks on top of that.

I’m up to 3741 words, 1724 from today which was 103% of my daily goal and has me 7.48% done. The site estimates that at this rate I will be done by the 27th. I have about 407 words in the bank now which is a bit low. I’ll have to kick some ass on my days off to boost that up a bit in case of off days.

My words per minute is up a bit today despite some fiddling about with character names and redoing a few parts that were not flowing well (bad inner editor BAD! fix later!). I’m managing 12.7 now.

I’m really liking my main and secondary characters so far which is a good sign.

I have Scrivener Installed but I am a bit nervous to dive into a new piece of software at the same time as I try to use it, so I am just writing in TextPad as I poke at it. I may or may not copy everything over there if it turns out to be useful, otherwise I will just kill it and try it again when the intended application is less deadliny.


The Blue Orchid : NaNoWriMo 2014 part 1

Well it is that time of the year again… time to tilt at the literary windmill that is NaNoWriMo. It’s going to be a busy month. I have a lot of work to do at home, at my sweeties house, and at… well work. Also I am starting my LONG awaited Dungeons and Dragons campaign in a few days which will require writing and prep work of its own.

Should be interesting.

The Blue Orchid is a story of Bureau 404. It is a call back to my first Nano-novel and probably happens in the same world so expect magic, monsters, and probably at least one person being disemboweled. If it isn’t entirely terrible I may post it somewhere where people can look at it when the month is over.

Being me I am keeping a spreadsheet of my progress. I end my first day with 2017 words which is 121% of my daily goal. I am now 350 words ahead of the game and need to keep up 1599 a day to reach 50K. I am producing about 11.2 words per minute which is not terrible but which I can hopefully speed up a bit as I only have a couple days with nice long mornings I can catch up in.

If you are doing this thing as well find me here and be my ‘writing buddy.’

If this is entirely uninteresting to you then I apologize… there is going to be a lot of it this month.

For the record… this was about 240 words that are not in my novel. Some of these updates will be a lot shorter.