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Salvage Beta notepad… now with more bees!

I made these for you!

More magic with salvaged cardboard and the awesome power of lasers. Ten of them exist in this world. More may exist but probably something else will instead.

Bees are rad.


The shop is open!

Soooo I have gotten off on my butt and made some more note/sketch pads for sale.

I also found three more of the Robot? “toys” and put them up as well.

I am working on the next run of notepads now and hope to get about 30 new flickerboxes ready in the very near future.



Buy the things! Draw and write! Forward into a brave new future!

Shop closed! Everyone out of the pool!

So I am not great at analogies…

Thank you everyone who ordered! Your goodies will be winding their way to you in one of a number of ways, possibly dream courier! So leave cookies and scotch out on your bedside table as is the proper convention for dream courier tips and enjoy!

When I return I will be making a new series or flickerboxes, more journals, and some other surprises :cough: stuffihaventthoughtupyet :cough:.

I’m off to the post office! Wheeeeeeee!


Stepping out over the edge!

Less hours than I really need left before I am in the air. I still need to do about a hundred hours of cleaning, pack, go over the rest of my yard with a weedwhacker, maybe eat food, possibly nap… probably not…

So… just a few items left at Apocalypse Hive! And I will be taking them all off sale in about an hour… lets say… 3:45pm EST so I can get the final packages to the the post office before I don’t see them for a couple months.

Really really last moment now!

I think this journey will be the longest I have ever been away from my cats in an extremely long time, the most I have ever packed for a vacation, and the least I have ever packed for Burning Man. So many firsts.


On the edge, feet firmly planted, here we go!

Final paycheck in hand I filled out my exit interview and left Blooming Foods… I may be freaking out a little.

I am quite good at my job and well liked, so if jobs exist when I get back I am certain one of them has my name on it, but it is still quite stressful.

And speaking of stress! Three days to get everything done! Aaaaaaaaaah!

I have two big bottles of Uel Zing concentrated cold brew coffee to get me through this! I’m good! Oooh, product placement! Gimme free coffee guys!

Anyhow… with so much to do I may or may not get to add one last push of items to my shop, but there are still a few things left!

3 Flickerbox Hexes! One red, one grey, one white!

3 Robots?

8 Notepads!

If I can I’ll be adding a more deluxe notepad tomorrow, but either way the shop will be shutting down for the season (until I get back) on Wednesday, so if you are waiting until the last minute, this is pretty much that minute! Eh? Eeeeeeeeh?

Damn the cliff! Full speed ahead!

I need to start packing… I don’t currently actually own luggage per se…

This problem is solvable, it will be solved, I will solve it, it may have already been solved by someone else, well then never mind.

Continuing to go a bit mad, but I carved out time to finish a few more items.

By popular demand! Notebooks!

They are smaller than the last batch, which is actually much more work to make, but people seemed eager to have some they could shove in a pocket.

So shove away! These are vaguely pocket sized! If your pockets are not tiny!

There are also some Flickerbox Hexes and some Robots? left… those who have pinged me outside of the shop… I am vaguely aware that that happened but I am running quite ragged, the candle is burning at both ends and the middle and has been doused in kerosene and lobbed into a barbecue. the store is there and it tells me what has been sold and reminds me to deal with things, anything else is very hard to grab on to. I will try in the next couple days to turn my attention that way.

In the meantime I am still playing with pricing these things… I suspect I am underselling my efforts, but for now $8 plus shipping, still reduced shipping for multiples.

Eh? Eeeeeeeeh?

A few steps closer to that cliff!

There are still some Robots? left! Get em while you can! Eh? Eeeeeeeh?

I am juggling so many projects right now my mind may explode like an over ripe melon full of something that explodes. These next two weeks are going to be a ballet of time management and not going mad… neither of which are what I would call my strong points.

Fortunately it’s really really hot and humid so I am not left exhausted and drained of vitality at the end of every working day! Or is it that other thing where I am? So easy to confuse the two.

Today I offer you the fruits of something I have been working on for a couple of months now. I am really proud of them and wish my crappy phone pictures could do them justice. Has anyone seen my camera? No? Ah well, we work with what we have right?

SO! I present to you… for $10 plus shipping… The Flickerbox Hex!

Eh? Eeeeeeeeh?

The store is a touch limited in that I cannot post video there so here’s one here.


Aren’t they pretty? Don’t they beckon? Aren’t they for sale Right Here?

Eh? Eeeeeeeeh?

A running leap off that cliff!

In a little over two weeks I will be heading to California on an adventure that I can only really describe as moderately epic.

My last day of work is the 15th, I fly out of Indy on the 19th and I won’t be back until sometime after October. I say sometime because I am not actually sure how I am getting back or how long it will take yet… or exactly what I will be doing after that.

Burning Man is happening in there somewhere along with some other stuff. Exact stuff to be determined. I will update the world as details become less hazy.

I am by nature a fairly careful person, or at least I worry a lot about things. This uncertain leap into a hazy future is unsettling, but exciting.

I will be relying on the kindness of my friends and family for much of this adventure, but I am hoping to maintain at least a little bit of self sufficiency during this wild process. To that end I will be making some things this week to sell. The meager money made from these sales will be used to eat food, travel hither and yon on Bart, and to weather any sudden catastrophes that may need sudden weathering. Since I have this store thingy I set up to sell note pads, I will sell things from there… and in person if anyone feels like hunting me down. I will add things as I make them and figure out how to ship them, then I will point at them and say things like “Hey! Buy this!” or “Eh? Eeeeeeeh?”

First up! Something I actually made some time ago in Oakland but was always afraid to actually try to sell.


This is Art pretending to be a crappy toy… or maybe a crappy toy pretending to be Art. I am not entirely clear on the difference. It will be interesting on a shelf, or nailed to a wall, or nailed to your shelf… I will leave display methods up to you. You don’t control your message you know? And neither do you control your crappy Art/Toy/Robots once set free on the world.

Buy one! Or two to save a bit on shipping! Nearly two points of articulation!


Launching the store!

So I mentioned my Sekrit Projekt a little bit ago and I finished it. And having finished it I am launching a store where I can sell it (and other things).

About a year ago I made a notepad/sketchbook because I was bored and I wanted to draw more. A year later It’s still in use and lookin pretty good!




So I decided to make some more and offer them to the world.


The full pitch is on the store blog, but in short these are tough little punk rock notepads you won’t be afraid to actually use!

This first product will be joined by other things I will make for sale. These things will include but WILL NOT be limited to art, toys, games, and maybe fiction or jam or something, we shall see as the future unfolds.