Yay manic swing!

So I ended up napping on one of the sofas at the hacker space last night for an hour or two before I had to get to work. I was working on four projects simultaneously and the creative energy just carried me right past the point where it made any sense at all to go home and sleep.

My kitties are going to be very unhappy with me.

I’m now about halfway through my work day and still buzzing with energy. I am sure I will feel the crash soon, but I am bolstering the sheer joy of creation with the sheer joy of a very large coffee so I should survive.

The trick is going to keep my momentum going. To keep the energy flowing in interesting, creative, and joyful directions. I have fancy plans that should help and I am fostering an attitude of looking ahead past the road blocks, especially the ones that I have already stumbled on. There is good stuff coming and good stuff that happened, the things that aren’t good stuff are not worth more than a wary glare right now.

Also Windows 8 is a work of pure evil!


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