The honeymoon is over!

So most mornings I am In a terrible rush. A combination of my inability to be a morning person and my half asleep creative math usually insures I have 15 minutes to get ready and get out the door. This morning was a little worse as I had convinced myself that a five minute snooze meant I had an extra 15 minutes later…

So anyhow, I raced out of the door and jumped on Rocinante, ready to zoom out into the oncoming day. Something felt immediately very very wrong.

Upon investigation, I found this little beauty plunged to the hilt in the back tire.

I left it in (thank you for that important life lesson dad!) and pumped the tire up with enough air to almost get to the gas station… Which I arrived at after a mile of pushing Rocinante…

I used the gas stations compressor to pump the back tire full, which got me as far as the HellMart, where I bought an emergency puncture repair kit and a couple fix-a flats just in case… Also a cheap plain T-shirt as mine was now sopping with sweat.

A quick repair later I am at work only an hour late. Here is hoping that the temporary fix lasts two to four weeks until I can afford to get into the shop for a more permanent solution…

It is the year two thousand and fifteen… Have we not solved this problem already?


  1. Mom says:

    Oh dear!
    Did you know that the same lesson sometimes applies to punctures in the human body?

  2. UrDad says:

    It won’t last 2 to 4 weeks, I believe. However, check the air pressure now and again several hours later. If there’s no loss in pressure, it might last a couple weeks. An “iffy” tire is a safety issue. You shouldn’t be taking chances with one.

  3. willrobot says:

    These two responses sum up a lot of what I got from my parents 🙂

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