The Cull Begins

When I was away on my journey to the Bear Flag Empire my house was broken into a couple times and a lot of stuff was damaged (though very little was actually stolen). This combined with the fact that I had been neglecting my living conditions for a while in my less than fantastic state of mind meant that the place was a hellish mess. I therefore had begun cleaning, organizing, and trying to get ready to purge some stuff and get out before the basement mold killed me.

This was not going quickly.

My mood combined with the sheer weight of the stuff meant I spent a lot of time shuffling things around, then staring at it…

Then this arrived.

Pictures are best taken directly into the sun!

In any case…

It’s huge and empty and the empty thing has got to change! I am motivated, inspired, and there is a deadline!

So day one!

Followed by day two… cut short by freezing air and light snow and hail…

In another week and a half or so I hope to have a much more manageable life.


  1. Tree says:

    Woot, woot!!!

  2. Cat says:

    Chinese New Year starts Saturday. It is auspicious to clean and clear in anticipation of new luck.

  3. Koji Goto says:

    Rock on! You can do this!

  4. Jess says:

    Will Bear, activate!

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