That’s my band! Part 1

You know how when someone says something incongruous or just a little off bit kilter and you respond “That’s my band!”

You know you do!

I decided to begin jotting down the ones that I liked the best. Here is my current crop.

-Quantum Gravy

-Pain Meds and Power Tools

-Jazz Faculty

-No One Is Derick

-Venereal Tuna

-Felafel Waffle


-A Given Value of Mitchel


-Doll Challah

-Avocado Suicide

-Blood Chutney

-Meat Laundry


-Punch Hole Unit

-That Monkey Gimmick

-Technically Agressive

-Second Hand Butt Plug

-Batman Tantrum

If anyone wants to take any of these and run with them… I want a signed copy of the CD and to get to design your T-shirts.

Also this happened a while ago…

Glitter Beard 2

Captain Glitterbeard questions his life decisions

Glitter Beard 1



  1. Mom says:

    Goodness. Glitter.

  2. Alan Berman says:

    My GF and I have a verrrry long doc dedicated to band names. Some include also first album, genre, or other notes.

    Nice beard, btw. 🙂

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