Songs about how songs used to be better

So they just don’t write em like that any more? You like that old time rock and roll? You are singing about how music used to be better than it is now?

So you are telling me that your job, what it is you do and get paid for, isn’t being done as well as it used to… And you are the one doing it. You are┬áby your own admission, doing a poor job of the thing you are supposed to be good at. You are telling me that you should be fired from your job because you are not very good at it. And for that you expect to be paid.

You might as well be singing about how totally rad high school was, or your football glory, or how sad it was when you were an asshole to some girl like… 35 years ago.

I hate you and want you to explode.


  1. TheGlitterImp says:

    Not bitter at all!

  2. UrDad says:

    I wish I knew what this is about.

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