Random Fact about Will 004

I count things…

As I go through my day I am just about always counting something. My footsteps, the number of steps in a staircase, how many trees I drive past… something.

I do absolutely nothing with this information, it is discarded immediately, it is of no use to me in any way whatsoever. Most of the time I barely notice I am doing it until I hit a number that strikes me as interesting for a fleeting moment. Being asked what number I was on would probably cause it to evaporate.

Brains are weird.



  1. TInny says:

    I only do that when I am in pain or waiting for something to end or both, like being upside-down for two minutes. I count rafters, specks of dust, stripes on my clothes, tiles, etc. Usually I guess what number I think I’ll get before I start counting.

  2. Mom says:

    Not so much now but I have been stuck counting some very strange things. Today (meaning nowadays) I often count to three. Sometimes to ten. Little Lucy’s influence, you know.

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