Random fact about Will 001

Someone once told me that a man should never leave the house without the ability to cut and the ability to make fire.

I agree entirely, although I would expand ‘man’ to ‘human’ and also add the ability to undo either a slotted or Philips head screw.

at any given time I have up to three pocket knives, a multitool, and usually a block of magnesium with attached flint.

I have been mocked for this.

I have also been the only person with the ability to start a fire when trapped in a cabin in donner pass during a snowstorm… So suck it world!



  1. Mom says:

    I love these!

  2. UrDad says:

    We love the foto. What are the things on your left shoulder? My monitor is not really sharp.

    • willrobot says:

      It took me a moment, but by process of elimination (the only image associated with the blog so far) I worked it out 🙂

      That is a post hole digger.

      Note to the future: this will make no sense when I change that image, so relax future people… Unless the sky is on fire in which case I WARNED YOU!

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