Phase 5: Retrospectinating

So some time later I am finally getting to this…

The end of my California adventure came in the form of a train journey back to Indiana. I cannot imagine any better way to travel and from here on out it will be my first choice for any long distance journey.

Highlights of the trip include Passing through Black Rock at sunset, very odd conversation with a celebrity trainer and kickboxing champion, being woken up at 4am by a sherriff and a small army of thugs busting the guy behind me for pot.

I would like to take the journey often enough for taking pictures to be a priority, but this time around it was all about experiencing every mile so no documentation.

Getting back has been an odd mix of crushing isolation and depression matched with an explosion of creativity.

I finally retired my rough cut cardboard and duct tape phone/tablet stand and made one out of dead tree and lasers.

I followed that up by making a box for my friends awesome card game.

Then, since I need to sculpt a little Shoggoth to go with the game I made another box based on the same design for my sculpting tools.

THEN I made a little backdrop for photographing miniatures on and painted it up.

And for good measure cyberpunked up a keyboard for a quick trip to New York.

And these are just the ones that are not in progress! Wheeeeeeee!

I also rescued my instagram account from whoever was using it and started posting pics of things and stuff there.

So I’m back, Hi! More making stuff and distracting myself from the cold cold void to come.


  1. UrDad says:

    Wish you were here to help me learn to use my Instagram account.

  2. Koji Goto says:

    Excellent. I feel your natural state is creating things like Coyote.

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