On the edge, feet firmly planted, here we go!

Final paycheck in hand I filled out my exit interview and left Blooming Foods… I may be freaking out a little.

I am quite good at my job and well liked, so if jobs exist when I get back I am certain one of them has my name on it, but it is still quite stressful.

And speaking of stress! Three days to get everything done! Aaaaaaaaaah!

I have two big bottles of Uel Zing concentrated cold brew coffee to get me through this! I’m good! Oooh, product placement! Gimme free coffee guys!

Anyhow… with so much to do I may or may not get to add one last push of items to my shop, but there are still a few things left!

3 Flickerbox Hexes! One red, one grey, one white!

3 Robots?

8 Notepads!

If I can I’ll be adding a more deluxe notepad tomorrow, but either way the shop will be shutting down for the season (until I get back) on Wednesday, so if you are waiting until the last minute, this is pretty much that minute! Eh? Eeeeeeeeh?

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  1. Mom says:

    Don’t forget my five notepads pleeeeeeeeeeeze!!

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