Kublacon 2015: Part 6: Bye Bye Kublacon

Woke up with plenty of time, took a long shower and wrote until I suddenly didn’t have any more time. An hour goes really quickly if you let it get away from you.

Tracy had come up to visit so we talked as I packed up everything. Then I said my quick goodbyes and rushed down for paranoia, barely making it I time to the room it was scheduled to be in… Then rushed halfway across the hotel to the room it was moved to (this seemed to bea theme this year).

After paranoia I had a last beer and chicken wings with Duane and tried to get in touch with Damon. He had left the con to go see mad max so Duane gave me a ride to BART.

One last BART ride out to the bus… I was constantly tempted to get off the train and explore the areas around each familiar station, but I just watched them go by until I got to the far spur where one connects with the bus to Marin.

The phone system once again did not believe that the bus stop actually existed… I swore at it a lot and tried to get it to understand the line number or agency… But it had no luck with those either. Technology making our lives easier.

The bus did finally come, and one $7 bus ride later I was in San Rafael. Dad and Sarah arrived a few minutes later and we went to Pancho Villas for chille rilleno and a margarita and then home to Woodacre to sit around talking until once again sleep demanded our presence

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  1. Mom says:

    Home again. Sigh.

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