Kublacon 2015: part 5: day 3

Another leisurely morning. I woke up with two hours until Damon was due to start his game so I had plenty of time to shower and lounge around. On the other hand, Damon realized he had forgotten a bag of props and things and so had to run home and get them. I hung around and slowly got ready then went downstairs to see if I had gotten into his game. I had so I made my way to the room it was scheduled to be in… Then to the room they had moved it to. I beat Damon there by a few minutes.

The game was a lot of fun, and Damon has seriously raised the bar on in-game props. It was only the second game he has ever written, and the very first run of the game, so it did have some rough edges. The players (myself included) had a lot of fun though and almost everyone stayed after the gameto talk about it… That is usually a really good sign.

He and I spent some time walking around and discussing the scenario and his style. We returned to the room to refill flasks then met the others for Beta Team.

Beta team is a game that has been running for years now by Michael Silverling. We meet at conventions and find a quietish space and bash our way disastrously through time and space. We play the expendable foot soldiers of an organization that polices the timeline and tries to prevent others from mucking it up too badly… Usually we muck it up pretty badly.

After the game we all sat talking for a long time about Beta Team, cons, and life in general. People filtered out to sleep until it was just Michael, Badger, Damon, Duane, and myself. Then the hour made itself felt and Damon and I headed upstairs where we Watched tv, wrote, and talked, until 2am

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