Kublacon 2015: part 3: The first day

The internet here is utterly wretched, this may be posted in the future… If the world is on fire or overrun with aliens, robots, or zombies… It’s probably the future now.

I awoke to my brain and gut gently nudging me and reminding me that there is A Price To Be Paid.

Did a little sewing and watched a documentary on the last days of Atari and the burial of the E.T. Cartridge. It was a bit disappointing in its scope, but worth watching.

Hung out while Jessica made all the food In the world. This begun with eggs and spinach and then there was cake and every frosting ever, and then later on a delicious Asian soup of some kind.

The con was starting and Duane needed to wait to deal with Arabis, so I Headed out to BART. The familiar stations and trains seemed slightly surreal.

I took the train to SFO and found the shuttle platform. I spent 20 or 30 minutes of time stress as shuttle after shuttle to other hotels came and went, but finally mine arrived and after a short ride I was there!

I registered, got my badge, and hooked up with Damon. We got settled in to our room, found Badger, and went for a beer and some food at the hotel bar. We were joined there by our friend Mike and just hung around talking for a while until Damon and Badger had to go to a lustmord show so I found Duane and we went up to the room and bashed out the details for our Goblin City game. We worked until we were no longer capable of useful thought. He returned to his room and I slipped in to unconsciousness

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  1. Mom says:

    You’re home and I’m catching up with your posts – thanks!

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