Kublacon 2015: part 4: day 2

Is it the future yet?

I woke up a bit later than I had planned and scrambled to print out the character sheets and other materials I needed. The hotel had terminals set up with printers but they we’re pay by the minute and of course ran very very slow and froze a lot. It probably cost me $9 to print out 12 sheets of paper… Such is the stuff of convention life.

The game went very well. Goblin City is always a thrill ride of insanity and property damage, and the players did it disappoint. The city was largely on fire by the end and has no remaining air force. I should probably talk about Goblin City and the Surreality Engine soon.

After the game we wandered for a little bit, then Duane headed out to get Arabis and I found Damon. We wandered down to check out the dealers room and ended up in a tournament of Dubious Alliance, a card game based on a band that dresses as orcs. It was fun but a bit fiddly. I would certainly play it again but would be unlikely to actually buy it for myself.

Damon and I went out into the world to find food that was Not Of The Con. There was an interesting Mexican food place, but they were just closing. We went to a dinery burgery place that we had found to be just fine in previous years and that turned out to be a fantastic idea since they had chorizo burgers… Those were really really good!

We went back to the room and just hung out talking about random things and watching hotel tv while we waited for other people to become available. I had been afraid that I would come back to find that I had drifted away from my friends, but we fell I to the same easy banter we have always had.

Before we went down to play games we stopped by Duanes room for Arabis birthday. There was cake and balloons and one little girl in a room full of old people singing happy birthday… That seemed odd to me, but she was happy with it.

We then went down to the atrium of the hotel and played a game of Dead Of Winter. A very fun zombie survival board game. I think we won…

The ending was a bit fuzzy and I think we might have misread a rule. Fun was had by all however.

Then back to room, drinks, and sleep.

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