Kublacon 2015: Part 2: Murdering Time

I was woken up by Arabis and given an impromptu lecture about Minecraft mods for a while as Duane gently nudged her to get ready for school.

We then went to Oatez for breakfast which used to be terrible but was quite nice. We ate chilequilles (or however that is spelled) and then returned to Duanes place and watched bobs big burger, a show I had never paid attention to that is actually hilarious!

I showered and settled into the whole “being awake” thing. Duane had to run his Warcraft dailies… And actual work, so I Headed out into the world.

It turns out that I was much less certain where I was than I thought, and the first bus stop I found seemed defunct… Or at the least so limited in use that the phone system did not recognize that it exists. I waited for a bit before abandoning it to its fate and Wandered aimless until I saw a bus in the distance. I followed its spoor and found a bus stop that claimed to exist.

The bus deposited me at the Fruitvale BART station so I wandered around a little. I have spent a lot if time in that neighborhood and it was comforting to see it had not changed very much. From there I hopped on a bus to my old neighborhood to grab a Vietnamese sandwich. The banh mi place had redecorated and moved things around, but the people who worked there were the same and so were the sandwiches. I got one and a few drinks for later and wandered up to my old place at the print shop. The entire bottom floor was a ruined shell. I found that a bit depressing, but also felt a sense of relief that I was not still there when whatever did the damage happened.

From there I hopped back on the bus and got a little dim sum from my favorite place in china town. I also ducked into a market and grabbed a couple snacks for later… I should get more snacks and things before the convention.

I got a text from Josh and jumped on a bus to see him and his larval human. We played a card game that was a lot of fun. I couldn’t remember its name a minute after leaving though. It was battle something or something battle… Lords of War! It was fast, simple, with interesting play mechanics. I won the game when Josh played a risky card to see what would happen.
After that I headed back to make it to forbidden island by 5, but got off the bus a mile or so early. I walked the rest of the way, spotting Damon on his bike, and made it there only 15 minutes or so late… Which was fine as nobody else was there until 7 or so when my dad showed up.

I enjoyed sitting and talking to my dad quite a lot. Before I moved we were getting together every week or two for lunch. I miss that a lot.

Nobody else showed up to Forbidden Island… Well badger did, but by accident. All my friends are grownups with real jobs and small children and things so I am not surprised or upset, just a little disappointed. That disappointment was drowned in banana mammacows (or whatever they renamed that drink to.)

Dad and I bailed when the band started setting up pretty much directly on top of us and went to toomies, a Thai restaurant I remember everyone loving. We set out to go to Burma superstar, but it seems to have ceased existing which is very sad, that place was delicious!

Duane joined us and we sat talking about life and bicycles until the waiter begged us to let him go home. Dad headed back to woodacre and Duane and I set out down the street to see if the new retro-arcade was open.

It was not, so instead we went to a rather nautical bar that’s a lot of fun and played darts not entirely badly for a few pints. There was some drunken tv watching then face planting and oblivion.


  1. Mom says:

    Keeping the Faith you are.

  2. UrDad says:

    It would have been fun to see your old friends together again at FI, but it was good to just sit, talk, and be together ourselves. I too, miss our lunches over on Solano St. I’m glad Duane joined us at the restaurant. It was nice seeing him again, too.

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