Kublacon 2015: Part 1: Getting There

Phase 1

After a few days of frenzied cleaning I Woke up early and cleaned up from cleaning up… It annoys me how much I need to clean up my cleaning up… I really need to clean up so I can stop cleaning up… anyway…

I saw Mad Max, it was… fantastic… more on that later.

Erin and I then tried noodle town, I got chicken won-ton soup and it was fantastic. Erin got lo-mein* and it was pretty good in a lo-mein kind of way… I did eat like 15% of it so it certainly wasn’t bad.

With plenty of time we made our leisurely way to the airport.

Phase 2

Me: easiest security ever, I was waved through with no scan even with a pocketknife and five little bottles of high octane booze in my backpack. I didn’t even have to take off my shoes.

Her: Chem swabbed, shoes removed, swabbed again, shiatsu pat down.

We cuddled until boarding time then waited as they called 1st class, platinum, emerald, neobdinium, tin, dirt, then me.

Phase 3

Seated next to a little kid (jack). His mom introduced us then played a video message from the kids dad on her phone. It was the exact sort used in movies to forecast that the flight is doomed.

Jack is a little screamy, but tablets are the best thing ever. Cartoons on tap will save us all.

I worked on DnD emails for a bit while jack watched pirate cartoons and kicked me in the leg, ribs, and the side of my head… good times.

Phase 4

Not a bad overall flight… But the hour and a half layover in LA turned Into a mad dash to get to the flight in time. Following the signs to my terminal I found myself descending a narrow stairway where there was a bus stop. A very nice and happy woman yelled at us a lot and eventually we were bundled onto the bus and taken on a strangely frantic tour of the runways. The little independent shuttle company operating this leg of the flight was in a sketchy ancient ghetto of LAX that seemed to have been built in the 1950s. We had just enough time to pee and grab something to take with us… but since the only food there was gas-station quality sandwiches in little plastic triangles for ten dollars I just stuck with urination and digging an energy bar and some booze out of my bag. Then boarded the plane via stairs like you used to do.

The plane is a tiny little jet made by a company I have never heard of. It may be Soviet. If these are my last words on this earth… Wheeeeeeeee!

Phase 5

I did not die… though the guy sitting next to me may have, he was looking pretty rough.

I spent some time with Duane on the phone as we both described nearly identical locations where we were standing and not seeing each-other. We did finally figure out that rather than being stuck in two parallel universes, never to meet, we were just at the same terminal on different levels.

We went and got me a shrimp burrito. I ate it.

Hello bed, this is my face… face this is mrrmrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

* Lo-Mein, for my friends back home, is like chow mein but not quite as good.

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    Yay You again!!!

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