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Hello 2015

Five years until 2020… where are my cybernetic skeletal reinforcements and bullet proof skinweave?

I have had a long history of being less than thrilled with new years as a holiday, I think most of my enthusiasm left when we stopped playing the Teenagers From Outer Space RPG at Koji’s. There have been a few other fun times to be sure, but they were more despite the holiday than because of it.

In particular the ‘tradition’ of watching a ball drop on television annoys me far beyond a reasonable amount. I absolutely do not understand the fun of watching a party that someone else is happening somewhere else. I don’t understand parades on TV either. It’s like watching someone going camping, or playing scrabble. They are having the fun while I am sitting here watching them.


I have also generally been against making new years resolutions. But this year I have been looking for an excuse, some punctuation in time, to set a few goals. This seems as good an excuse as any others I have handy, and it’s so culturally entrenched that I will not have to rely on my own loose grasp of linear time to remember where the finish line is.

So… here are some.

Major (If I can’t get these done I need to have a hard look at my life)

1) Publish Goblin City

2) Get Out Of The Mold Pit

3) Get In Better Shape

Minor (These are things I really really want, but will not have to become a monk if they don’t pan out)

A) Get To Some Conventions

B) Get A 3D Printer

C) Do A Radio Show

D) Draw Lots

E) Make More Things

F) Dress More Harkonen

Each of these will have sub-goals, milestones, incentives, and penalties. I will spend the next week or so bashing these out.

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  1. Mathew Canopener says:

    Well done, Brother Will.

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