Arbitrary Year Beginnings!

So last year I set a few goals. Then I said hello to a truck. This set me back a bit, and giving in to a rather deep rut of depression set me further back for a long long time.

I was thinking about revisiting those goals and making a new set, then a deer made me reconsider. I am going to take the near (but avoided) disaster as an omen and keep my goals and thoughts on this completely arbitrary milestone to myself for now.

I can say that I am in a very good place emotionally, and a pretty good place physically, and I am looking forward to good and exciting things.

Be excellent to each other!


  1. TheGlitterImp says:

    Good is good and bad is bad…

  2. UrDad says:

    I can understand your reluctance to go public with all your aspirations only to set yourself up for a setback. I liked your resolutions for 2014. Hope you keep them in mind. You don’t have to share them.

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