A tiny update to get the ball a’rollin’

So some time ago I got into a pretty severe car crash that totaled the car.

This was very fun.

No-one was hurt and insurance was a good thing, but it sent me into quite a depressive spiral and I had very little to say to the world for a while. This was a rewarding and productive state to be in, but it got really boring… The nearly 15 mile commute to work was great with the lovely choice of walking or riding my -very- neglected bicycle… But it got boring.

So thanks to the help of a lot of supremely lovely people I got this:

I have named it Rocinante (after entirely too much reading to determine if Rosinante or Rocinante was the correct form) at the suggestion of my Aunt. Other suggestions were Harkness, Lucitania, and Event Horizon… Two of which are names of horror and doom… But I went with Rocinante because out there are more than a few windmills just BEGGING for a Lance where it will hurt most.

Getting Rocinante has been a huge boost to my mood and my general freedom of mobility. It now costs me less than a dollar to get into town instead of ten dollars. And as much as it annoys the many rednecks whos way I am in, I can go places other than work and home without a session of careful financial planning beforehand.

I have also started keeping a sort of cartoon journal. This has sapped a little of the energy that I would have been using here, but has helped get my emotional feet under me. It has also, by keeping me drawing almost every day, resulted in one or two of the best drawings I have ever done… Which satisfies.

I am considering making this available to the world in some fashion. I wonder if  my scanner survived the trip from California.

Anyhow, that’s my rambling life. Now on to the future!

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  1. Mom says:

    So good to hear your voice! I know it was a long, hard, dark winter and I hate that – I hate that even more for you than for me. I love you. And as Lucy says, I do I do.

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