A running leap off that cliff!

In a little over two weeks I will be heading to California on an adventure that I can only really describe as moderately epic.

My last day of work is the 15th, I fly out of Indy on the 19th and I won’t be back until sometime after October. I say sometime because I am not actually sure how I am getting back or how long it will take yet… or exactly what I will be doing after that.

Burning Man is happening in there somewhere along with some other stuff. Exact stuff to be determined. I will update the world as details become less hazy.

I am by nature a fairly careful person, or at least I worry a lot about things. This uncertain leap into a hazy future is unsettling, but exciting.

I will be relying on the kindness of my friends and family for much of this adventure, but I am hoping to maintain at least a little bit of self sufficiency during this wild process. To that end I will be making some things this week to sell. The meager money made from these sales will be used to eat food, travel hither and yon on Bart, and to weather any sudden catastrophes that may need sudden weathering. Since I have this store thingy I set up to sell note pads, I will sell things from there… and in person if anyone feels like hunting me down. I will add things as I make them and figure out how to ship them, then I will point at them and say things like “Hey! Buy this!” or “Eh? Eeeeeeeh?”

First up! Something I actually made some time ago in Oakland but was always afraid to actually try to sell.


This is Art pretending to be a crappy toy… or maybe a crappy toy pretending to be Art. I am not entirely clear on the difference. It will be interesting on a shelf, or nailed to a wall, or nailed to your shelf… I will leave display methods up to you. You don’t control your message you know? And neither do you control your crappy Art/Toy/Robots once set free on the world.

Buy one! Or two to save a bit on shipping! Nearly two points of articulation!



  1. UrDad says:

    Reads like you have a one way ticket to California. You know you’re welcome to stay in Woodacre as much as you need. Between the lines it seems you’re willing to sacrifice your job to go to Burning Man. I hope you’re not setting yourself up for some bad times.

  2. I have a “Robot?*”™®©
    They are stunningly painted in the highest quality lead based spray paint 50¢ and cheap foreign labor can buy. The almost one point of articulation really sets this piece apart, I have not attempted articulating it yet however, since while it does set it apart, I am not certain I possess the skills to set it together afterwards.
    All in all, a worthy addition to the collection of any discerning dime sore owner with dodgy negotiating skills and a penchant for Night Train benders.
    Would buy again.

    (Okay, seriously, it’s super cool, I love it. And as a meta-comment on the state of toy collecting in general and the overblown fluff-mummery of actions figures and giant mechaphilia in specific, it’s fookin brilliant man. Get one, show your friends, watch their faces, trust me, I’m a professional.)

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