A quick update!

After three days or so of no sleep… sleeping in the back of a truck was heaven!

Network is way spotty up here so a quick update.

My flight was ideal. No layovers and the entire row of seats to myself… also instead of peanuts there was stroopwaffle.

Got a burrito, picked up Duane’s mom and sister and went waaaaay north for the wedding. Somewhere on top of a mountain, ┬áits lovely.

Slept… i feel SO much better!

Wedding is in about three hours, then we head back down on monday maybe? Then run mad errands and off to the desert on Wednesday.

It seems like my “downtime” in September is going to be pretty minimal before im back on the mountain working, and probably most of that will be in Fresno. Much less slow languid socialization than i had assumed and more ZOOOOOM!

That was a quick update? Shut up, it could have been longer!


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