A few pics from the desert

The little bootleg Go-Pro camera I was using was not really ideal for the task (or for any task really… it was very cheap) so there weren’t a lot of decent pics in the meager few I took.. but here are some!

Duane and Jess’s battle scarred trailer.


The fun of packing.


Everything I was bringing… it looks like a lot, but it’s much less than I am used to!


We barely even massively overloaded the poor little thing!


What the tire looked like after it spewed tread all over the interstate south of Reno


Long dusty lines of cars waiting to get in at one or two in the morning SUNP0008

But we eventually made it!


I did not kiss the ground… but I admired it. SUNP0010

Even as built up as the city has become early on… there was still open space around us.


A shot of the centerpiece of my tent… a light/fan combo wrapped in fairy lights.


Sunsets in the desert are unlike any others… this does not do it justice.


There was much glow… I would have loved to play with this if my ability to stand the proximity of other humans was not at an all time low at that moment.


This was something like a quarter mile of giant sound reactive rings… the light travelled down them at the speed of sound so that by the time the last ring reacted… the music it was reacting to would be there too.


This does not in any way accurately depict the audio and visual madness of the playa at night.


Packing up. A camps worth of trash and recycling to haul back to the real world… and a fantastic dust storm about to crash down on us.


So yeah… a few images that entirely fail to show the amazingness. Some day I will figure out a solution that captures good images AND allows me to experience the event without constantly feeling like I have to record it. Some sort of body mounted auto-camera… or brain shunt… or unpaid personal intern… I am totally accepting applications for that last one.

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  1. Mom says:

    Great pictures anyway. Much better than I would have done – and yes – be there instead of shooting there. On the other hand, intern. Hmmmm.

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