2015 Goals: Musings and Milestones

I am starting to map out goals and milestones, and as I go I find that they all intertwine quite a bit.

For goal 3 I do not have a lot of milestones since it’s a fairly nebulous goal, but I have a couple plans.

First, I have entered a weight loss competition at work. The one who loses the most weight by percentage wins some fabulous prize. I doubt I will be winning it, but it’s a little nudge of motivation. Second, When winter has died a little I am going to give my poor neglected bicycle an overhaul and set a few regular rides. It’s beautiful bicycling country out here so that should be fun.

Goals 2 and A and E are all twisting together as they all require that I clean and downsize and get my material life under control.

In order to get out of the mold pit (the house I currently live in) I will need to clean and pack and get rid of a great deal of stuff in order to fit into a much smaller space without suffocating under the weight of my possessions.

Goal E also requires this downside… not really to give me somewhere to work since I have Bloominglabs for that, but to give me access to the stuff I do keep. The tyranny of clutter is that you end up not able to find all the things you want to be able to use and so you end up with more things to replace those things and then you die horribly crushed under stuff.

Goal A seems unrelated, but is in fact foremost in my mind right now.

I have planted my flag in the earth and am going to do Kublacon in May, and in order to do that I need to be able to find all my necessary gear, and more importantly have my place in a state so that my kitties can be fed without me feeling the burning shame of the messy.

This also lights a fire under me for Goal 1 as I would like to have something to show off/sell when I am there. My current plan is to have the Surreality Engine core book done and done and in my hand when I arrive.

Other goals are still being tickled at and I will blather further when I have more news.


  1. Mom says:

    I am officially dizzy. But you go!!

  2. UrDad says:

    I joyously applaud all the above.

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