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Bundle Reviews part 7: MidBoss and Arcade Spirits

Two more from  the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. A short one to get my momentum going again. It’s been a hell of a week! but everything is marvelous once again!

MidBoss: A posession based roguelike*.

*A Roguelike is a lot like proceduraly generated… it means it’s a different game every time you play, based on a game from the dawn of UNIX called Rogue.

This game is very roguelike… with all the complexity that entails. It has a couple really cool tricks, such as the fact that you mainly fight by possessing defeated foes, but is a bit more depth than I want to wade into right now combined with the slight lack of satisfaction I get from all roguelikes, where I feel like my triumphs are more due to a lucky roll of the dice where the level layout is concerned.

These are for me right now downsides, but they are also selling points, so I am not counting this game out, it has a lot to offer!

Arcade Spirits: A nostalgia driven romantic visual novel.

This is half game half interactive story that takes place in the year 20XX (all years are intentionally unspecified) in an alternate history where E.T. for the Atari 2600 wasn’t rushed and was a huge hit. Arcades still rule the video game industry and you have gotten a job at one.

The story is touching, engaging, and is an obvious love letter to the days of hanging out in dingy arcades, and the societies of misfits that made them their homes.

Strong points include your custom character, pronouns and all, the engaging characters you interact with, and the wonderful 19XX turned 20XX ambiance.

The main weak point is that I wish I could play the actual video games in the arcade…

Arcade spirits is a story about acceptance, finding your place in life, and finding joy in embracing the passion in the people around you as much as your own.

I am going to play this one all the way through.

1718 games left! I really need some of these to be less interesting!

Until next time Comrades!