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The Safety Pin

So yes, I robbed my travel sewing kit and have a safety pin on my hoodie.

I have seen a few backlashes against the safety pin thing and the ones I have seen fall into three categories.

1: White supremacists are co-opting it.

yeah, well, fuck them.

2: Why do people, especially white men, get to fuck up everything everywhere and then spend 2 cents to feel good?

I can’t answer for anyone but myself, but for myself this isn’t to feel good, it’s to show people (especially myself) that I intend to back up my thoughts and feelings with action.

3: Putting the pin on is an arrogant sign of privilege.

Sure it’s a sign of privilege, Having been born with a certain set of genetics I am unlikely to be directly targeted by the shitstorm to come (though as a poor liberal weirdo with these genetics I am going to feel it lots I assure you). I can continue to ignore the privilege or I can use it, and if I can use it I can sure as hell use it to help those that don’t have it.

So wearing it means you can come up to me and say “help me” and I will, and if I see a situation I think can help, I will. The tiny little bit of cheap steel is a visible sign of my promise to myself and the world.

I also just ordered a Jedi patch for the same hoodie… because Jedi.

Phase 4: Hi! Bye! Be right back!

So… back in the real world after living the agricultural life for a month and a half!


It was a whole lot of work, but enjoyable, and I met a lot of wonderful people doing it. A lot of very thinky time was had and occasionally there was dancing.

I got back just in time for Halloween, and had the most halloweenie Halloween I have had in years! Now I have a couple days to pay bills and relax before I go and harvest olives for another couple days. What happens after that depends on the results of some crunching of numbers and some thinking that I am putting off until Monday.

Also my utility laptop died and my backup laptop is starting to show signs of falling apart… so I got a new one. Be warned that I may rant a little about Linux in the near future.