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Well it was bound to happen sooner or later…

This morning I woke up to this…


I had been told some snow would be likely, but so many people were saying it would be light and not settle that this was a bit of a surprise but it has been such a warm and lovely winter so I really can’t complain.

I hopped on my scooter to go to work and discovered that the snow hid a layer of hard ice from last nights rain. Rather than die mangled and bent in a ditch I opted to call in. I spent all day cleaning and fiddling with my solar panels (which were not really getting a lot of power covered in ice and snow).

Once the sun had made the roads less lethal, I headed off to the hacker space where I plan to hang out so I don’t have to try to drive through this muck at 5AM, which is what I would have to do to make it to work by 7 carefully creeping through the dark at 10mph…

So far I have worked on my Sekrit Projekt and made these.


I had a pair of broken goggles and some perforated metal from inside an old Mac monitor and they seemed to call out for one another.

For the record… Riding Rocinante through freezing snow DOES take a little of the joy out of the ride… But it did not kill me!

Yay manic swing!

So I ended up napping on one of the sofas at the hacker space last night for an hour or two before I had to get to work. I was working on four projects simultaneously and the creative energy just carried me right past the point where it made any sense at all to go home and sleep.

My kitties are going to be very unhappy with me.

I’m now about halfway through my work day and still buzzing with energy. I am sure I will feel the crash soon, but I am bolstering the sheer joy of creation with the sheer joy of a very large coffee so I should survive.

The trick is going to keep my momentum going. To keep the energy flowing in interesting, creative, and joyful directions. I have fancy plans that should help and I am fostering an attitude of looking ahead past the road blocks, especially the ones that I have already stumbled on. There is good stuff coming and good stuff that happened, the things that aren’t good stuff are not worth more than a wary glare right now.

Also Windows 8 is a work of pure evil!


Sekrit Projekt One, Part One.

So working on one of my Sekrit Projekts I found I needed an awl. Sadly all of mine are missing and my sewing awl is in one of about one hundred thousand boxes full of unorganized miscellany… so I grabbed a nail, a bit of wood, and headed on over to the lathe.


A little shaping, a little sanding, and a little bashing with a hammer and I have an awl.

I am mighty.

Escape From Bleak (life after NaNoWriMo)

So As Promised I have decided to revisit one of my NaNoWriMo drafts for re-writing, editing, and maybe beyond.

I chose my most recent one because some of the things left out of this draft are still lingering in my brain, and because I really like the beginning and want the rest of it to at least match it.

This is entering into unknown waters for me, which is a good thing, so I thought what the heck, let’s all go along for the ride and see what happens?

Here is the first draft more or less how it looked at the end of November, but reformatted to be readable… and have chapters… Be warned it’s raw and hurried first draft stuff… not for the faint of heart.


As I wander blindly down this dark alley I’ll post about the process and toss up more drafts in case anyone is interested.

So now step 1: I will read the damn thing. Wish me luck.

Arbitrary Year Beginnings!

So last year I set a few goals. Then I said hello to a truck. This set me back a bit, and giving in to a rather deep rut of depression set me further back for a long long time.

I was thinking about revisiting those goals and making a new set, then a deer made me reconsider. I am going to take the near (but avoided) disaster as an omen and keep my goals and thoughts on this completely arbitrary milestone to myself for now.

I can say that I am in a very good place emotionally, and a pretty good place physically, and I am looking forward to good and exciting things.

Be excellent to each other!