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My second scooter mod 

Purely seasonal, I doubt the light will survive the first rain, it’s pretty janky. 

15 minutes to carve the ‘funkin’ 15 minutes to cut out the wood bits for the mount, a minute and a half of zip tying everything together and POW 100% more spooky!

Changing batteries is going to be an absolute bitch.

A new endeavor in game design.

Today myself and one of the friends I have made out here started a small game design collective/workshop/mutual support society.

Both of us are sitting on game designs that we have been procrastinating over for years and have all kinds of new ideas that want to see the light of day. We figure having someone to be accountable to can only be a good thing so we have met, set a couple deadlines, and are ready to hold each other to them.

One of our first assignments… Naming the group. Also a playable prototype by next week.