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Hello 2015

Five years until 2020… where are my cybernetic skeletal reinforcements and bullet proof skinweave?

I have had a long history of being less than thrilled with new years as a holiday, I think most of my enthusiasm left when we stopped playing the Teenagers From Outer Space RPG at Koji’s. There have been a few other fun times to be sure, but they were more despite the holiday than because of it.

In particular the ‘tradition’ of watching a ball drop on television annoys me far beyond a reasonable amount. I absolutely do not understand the fun of watching a party that someone else is happening somewhere else. I don’t understand parades on TV either. It’s like watching someone going camping, or playing scrabble. They are having the fun while I am sitting here watching them.


I have also generally been against making new years resolutions. But this year I have been looking for an excuse, some punctuation in time, to set a few goals. This seems as good an excuse as any others I have handy, and it’s so culturally entrenched that I will not have to rely on my own loose grasp of linear time to remember where the finish line is.

So… here are some.

Major (If I can’t get these done I need to have a hard look at my life)

1) Publish Goblin City

2) Get Out Of The Mold Pit

3) Get In Better Shape

Minor (These are things I really really want, but will not have to become a monk if they don’t pan out)

A) Get To Some Conventions

B) Get A 3D Printer

C) Do A Radio Show

D) Draw Lots

E) Make More Things

F) Dress More Harkonen

Each of these will have sub-goals, milestones, incentives, and penalties. I will spend the next week or so bashing these out.

D&D & Me part 4: First Games

As promised in Part 1.

My first tastes of Dungeons and Dragons (aside from puzzling through the rules and stumbling through making a couple of characters) was in a solo game run by my friend Wolfgang. We sat down and I made a character, a fairly basic fighter as I remember, I have no recollection of his name at all. I entered the dungeon with no plot and walked through a series of rooms, each full of treasure which I had my character put in his backpack with no regard for basic physics. At the end of these rooms was a staircase down. Wolf had me roll a die, whatever I rolled was not good enough as my character fell down the stairs and died.

The end.

This was not entirely satisfying, I strongly suspect Wolf’s understanding of the concepts involved were about as rudimentary as Mine was.

The next try was with Wolf again, as well as our friend Noah and at least one other person. I am pretty sure this took place at Noah’s house, but it may have been Wolfgang’s, it’s a touch hazy. I do know that we were now using Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, bigger books, more stuff, very exciting. I think the person running it was someone I did not know well but that had run games for the rest of the players before.

I rolled up a Bard (name also lost to the mists of time) and we began in a town. This time I got to roleplay doing a little shopping and purchasing a bit of meat on a stick and some pastries. This was much more satisfying. But the rest of the players pushed on to the matter at hand and we headed off to murder Tiamat… a foe a touch more than a match for a group of first level characters. We had been given some artifact level magic items though and I, at least, didn’t know any better so off we went.

The encounter consisted of us throwing a magic item that turned into a giant iron tower when the command was spoken. Mid air we shouted the command and the tower landed on Tiamat’s tail.

A pissed off dragon god then turned us to a fine red mist.

The End.

Still not terribly satisfying, but I was starting to get it. Reading the rules (AD&D now) made a lot more sense and between this experience and what I read in Dragon Magazine I could see the experience I wanted out of this mysterious world I had stepped into.

It was right about this time that Wolf and Noah and, well, pretty much everyone else I knew suddenly reached a point in their lives where they needed someone to pick on. I was a pretty weird kid and fit that bill nicely. It was the last game I played for a while.

Poignant memory that should go in any movie made of my life: School field trip, the last one of whatever grade I was in and at one of those “important” shift between grade levels that always bewildered me. All the D&D kids at one table playing, and me at a table nearby with my books rolling up characters I would never use. I find this memory equal parts horrifying and hilarious.

Other poignant memory that should go in any movie made of my life: Halloween, We all dressed up as an adventuring party. I made armor out of cardboard. We gathered at my house where I was promptly ditched and wandered around alone the rest of the night. This one is less hilarious.

All was not quite so gloomy however! Next time I will talk about my other life 200 miles away where lots of gaming started to happen.

The Blue Orchid : NaNoWriMo 2014 A Win!


Not done with the book, but done with the month!

I am mighty!

My fingers hurt.